Understanding the Secret to Becoming a Top Notch Milf Fucker

amandaLet’s face it, most guys love to say that they are hot shit when it comes to hooking up with the ladies. We’re talking anywhere from that pizza delivery dude with the matching pizza face, to that guy who you see in the library buried in books. It seems that a lot of straight guys are under this delusion that they are, at some level or another, some amazing pussy hook up machine.

Well, we’re all entitled to dream. After all, dreaming is absolutely free. You’re more than entitled to your delusions, but if you are really serious about hooking up with older ladies, then you have to understand the secret to becoming a milf fucker.

No, unfortunately, it’s not a product that you need to buy, it’s not something that you strap on to your dick, it’s not some sort of magical jewelry that you wear and all these amazing older pussy comes out of the woodwork. It has nothing to do with any of that. Instead, it has everything to do with what you focus on.

Now, you might be thinking and rolling your eyes at this point because it seems that I’m going to be talking about the law of attraction. You’re damn right I’ll be talking about the law of attraction because, guess what? The law of attraction is real. It’s truer than fuck. I can’t say it enough times.

The law of attraction really works. You just have to focus on fucking older women. The more you focus on it, the more it affects what you talk about, and the more it affects what you do. The moment it changes your behavior is the moment you start on the road to becoming a bonafide milf fucker, the best one there is on http://www.fuckamilf.net .

Some Unpleasant Cougar Dating Surprises You Need to Know About

haifa It’s very easy to get excited about cougar dating. After all, when you’re dating older women you don’t have to deal with the headaches, head games, and unnecessary drama and bullshit of fucking younger women. The sad reality is that the moment you stick your dick into a younger woman, she thinks that you owe her the world. She thinks that you can become her counselor, her father, her teacher and her personal guru all at once. Worst of all, she thinks that you are her personal bankroll. Do you see why this is the problem?

Well, the good news is you can say goodbye to all that bullshit if you’re dating older women. Cougar dating is a completely different ball of wax. These women are already proven stuff to themselves and as you can see here they like sucking men off in public. They have careers. They have families. They know how it is to orgasm multiple times. They have proven themselves. They’re simply looking for a pure experience. They’re looking to have sex with younger dudes.

They’re not out there to play head games. They’re not out there to treat you some sort of sexual or financial pawn. With that said, it’s easy to see why so many guys are excited about cougar dating. The problem is there are some unpleasant surprises regarding this type of dating. The sad truth is the case with all types of dating.

You have to understand that if you want to be successful at cougar dating, you have to treat these women the same way you would treat normal, younger women. They are perfectly normal people except for the fact that they’re older and that they prefer younger partners. If you are able to get your mind off of that and give them the kind of respect and attention they deserve then your chances of success would be quite high indeed. Otherwise, you’ll run into a very unpleasant surprise.

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